Tempesta di Mare | Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra & Chamber Players


2016–2017 Concert Series: “Spring: Revival and Rediscovery”

“Roberts and Stone have created a long-lived organization and enhanced the national and international reputation of our city.” — Broad Street Review

2016–2017 Concert Series: “Sara and Her Sisters”

“Tempesta di Mare’s concerts combine musicianship with impressive scholarship, and this program was a prime example.” — Broad Street Review

2016–2017 Concert Series: “Winter: A Cozy Noel”

“Tempesta’s players played the score with touching intimacy and stylish panache.” — Chestnut Hill Local

2016–2017 Concert Series: “Fall: A Chill in the Air”

“Tempesta is currently offering the finest renditions of the baroque repertoire available to local music lovers.” — Chestnut Hill Local

2015–2016 Concert Series: “Handel and His Frenemies”

“Smart, period-instrument performances…the playing always had a polished, plump sound…” — Philadelphia Inquirer

2015–2016 Concert Series: “A Tale of Two Italian Cities”

“All seven scores comprising Tempesta’s program were played superbly.” — Chestnut Hill Local

2015–2016 Concert Series: “The Nations”

“The model of a top-notch period orchestra,…Tempesta’s brilliant playing made the best case for the rarely played repertoire.” — Miami Herald

2015–2016 Concert Series: “Christmas in Germany”

“The blend between Tempesta and Piffaro was special indeed.” — Philadelphia Inquirer

2014–2015 Concert Series: “Bernier & Bourgeois”

“When Tempesta di Mare explores music’s past, it reminds listeners that the future has a lot to learn from it.” — Philadelphia Inquirer

2014–2015 Concert Series: “Purcell, Charpentier & ¡zarzuela!”

“Tempesta di Mare … brought verve, grace, and spark to music that … always benefited from it.” — Philadelphia Inquirer

2013–2014 Concert Series: “Elements”

“A perfect ending to Tempesta’s season.” — Broad Street Review

CD: “Comédie et Tragédie Volume 1”

“It’s reassuring to know that the English and Europeans don’t have a monopoly on world class period ensembles … Tempesta di Mare is firmly in the vanguard. Volume 2 is eagerly awaited.” -Amazon Review

CD: “Francesco Mancini Solos for a Flute”

“★★★★ … music which charms as much today as when composed in 1724.” -BBC Music Magazine, June 2014

CD: “Bach Six Trio Sonatas Re-Imagined for Chamber Ensemble”

“ The ensemble performs with a nuanced sensitivity that immediately reveals the appeal of the music … Highly recommended.” -Early Music America, Winter 2014.

2012–2013 Concert Series: “Great Books”

“…Although the theme was “Great Books,” only listening, not reading, was required.” — Broadway World – Classical