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Tempesta receives grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage recently announced its 2013 grants, which include a $200,000 award to Tempesta di Mare for our two-season concert and recording project: “Comedie & Tragedie”. Find out more with our season announcement in May right here.


coming September 2012:
The third and concluding volume in our series of orchestral works by Bach contemporary Johann Friedrich Fasch includes more premiere recordings or orchestral works and his lute and recorder concertos.

Italians in Vienna: cantatas and concertos with Michael Maniaci

“Tempesta di Mare is an old-music group that acts like a new-music group, by pushing the cutting edge back rather than forward. … [Michael Maniaci’s] sympathy for the music ran deep, making every aria phrase land with grace and confidence.” —THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

Leipzig Shortlist: Telemann, Fasch, Graupner or Bach

“A series of musical delights. The entire concert was performed with exemplary technical mastery, interpretive integrity and stylish panache.”

— Chestnut Hill LOCAL

Reviews for Tempesta Turns Ten

“Period instruments concert on Hill the best ever.” — Chestnut Hill LOCAL

“Maybe the single most marvelous discovery of Tempesta’s decade—thanks to cofounders Gwyn Roberts and Richard Stone” — Philadelphia Inquirer

Reviews for our Season IX Finale

“The group was more than well-rehearsed; it had internalized the music. The performance revealed [Telemann’s Ino] narrative with admirable specificity and maintained a crackling energy…which brought the audience to its feet.” — Philadelphia Inquirer Read the full reviews for Tempesta’s Telemann’s Ino, plus premieres by Fasch and Janitsch.

Reviews for our Germany tour

“A spectacular concert” — Die Volksstimme, Magdeburg. Read the full reviews for Tempesta’s Der fantastische Herr Fasch in Germany.

Reviews for “Characters of the Dance”

“…The entire company turned in one of the best performances of Bach’s First Orchestral Suite I’ve heard, from the oboes at the top of the score through the all-important foundation supplied by bass player Anne Peterson.” Broad Street Review, March 2011. Read the full review for Characters of the Dance.

NOTEWORTHY/Chestnut Hill LOCAL by Michael Caruso

Tempesta di Mare, Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra, presented “The Royal Concert: Couperin’s Private Music for the King of France” Friday, December 10, in the Episcopal Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields here in Chestnut Hill. The concert drew an audience that literally packed the church and that enthusiastically rewarded the eight chamber players of the orchestra with hearty…

Music for the royal couch potato by Tom Purdom

Until the French invented the sofa in 1685, sitters had to be content, at best, with wooden armchairs, unsuited for lounging and other horizontal activities. The new innovation was so popular that cabinetmakers who specialized in sofas quickly became an important part of the Parisian work force. Tempesta di Mare preceded its latest concert with…