2016–2017 Concert Series: “Winter: A Cozy Noel”

From Chestnut Hill Local

“Of course, it didn’t hurt to hear as the soloist in the “Winter” Concerto Tempesta’s incomparable concertmaster, Emlyn Ngai. He played the dizzying pyrotechnical passages with spellbinding prowess and the lyrical second movement with eloquent phrasing.”

“All the same, my favorite part of the evening occurred at the very start, when the full complement of players gave a memorable rendition of Arcangelo Corelli’s sublime Concerto grosso “per la notte di Natale” (for the night of the Nativity)… Tempesta’s players played the score with touching intimacy and stylish panache. Noteworthy standouts were Gwyn Roberts & Heloise Degrugillier on recorders and Adam Pearl at the harpsichord.”

From Broad Street Review

“The Corelli received a performance that was a prime example of the irreplaceable virtues of live concerts. ”

“Concertmaster Emlyn Ngai earned a big ovation for his dazzling displays in the solo role of the Vivaldi. He did it, as always, with a cool focus on his work, sans extraneous mugging or prancing; his hands said everything.”